Course Objectives

Al Misbaah Institute Islamic Studies Program

Arabic Morphology

The Recommended book: ‘Tasheelus Sarf’. Meezaan wa Munsha’ib

  1. To be able to understand the root words
  2. To be able to understand the difference between three lettered and four lettered verbs
  3. To be able to understands the differences between the classes of the verbs.
  4. Understanding all tenses
  5. Voice change (Active voice and passive voice)
  6. Verbal patterns including number, gender, and others

Arabic Syntax

The Recommended book: Tas-heelun Nahw, Hidaayatun Nahw.

  1. To identify the last letter of the word whether it will be associated with raf’, nasb, and jarr.
  2. To prevent mistakes in speaking and writing Arabic.
  3. to understand the Qur’an and the sunnah of the prophet peace be upon him.
  4. To keep the audience attentive.  It is said,

النحو في الكلام كالملح في الطعام 

Nahw in speech is like salt in food. Meaning that Nahw adds flavour in speech. 

Arabic Conversation

The Recommended book: ‘Duroosul Lughatil Arabiyyah’. Al Qiraa’atur Raashidah

  1. To apply the rules of Arabic language in everyday language. 
  2. To get an unprecedented sort of taste in study.
  3. To be able to experience the true Arab hospitality.
  4. To be able to interact with the Arab people. 


Manners and Morality

The recommended book: Al-Adabul Mufrad

  1. A good etiquette book for Muslim and non-Muslim for dealing with every chore in life. 
  2. It is a barometer by which we can gauge ourselves and the community to find out where we stand, how we can eliminate so many of the vices of society.”
  3. It presents to us the immaculate character of Prophet Muhammad ṣallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. It also contains sayings and excellent examples of the moral character of the companions Radiyallaahu Anhum.
  4. The bottom line is that, it is a book that gives us the guidelines for perfecting the Muslim manners in order to be a good slave of Allah.  

Arabic Vocabulary

The recommended book: Safwatul Masaadir. Oxford Picture Dictionary 

  1. To be enriched with the words to study and exercise Arabic Morphology.
  2. To know everyday words
  3. For language development.
  4. For reading and writing improvement.